Ecommerce 123 WebShop Design

Why create your own
Ecommerce shop?

eCommerce and Selling Online are aspects of day-to-day business that can not be ignored and we are well placed with sensible options to make this work. The time is NOW to Sell your products Online, in a manner that is easy to manage – that’s where we come into the picture.

5 steps to make sure you succeed:

  • Who are you going to sell products online to?

    Who is your customer? Where is your customer? How do you reach your customer?

    These are crucial when you are in the planning stage of your WebShop as the answers will determine how you will market and how we will structure and target your technical search engine optimisation.

  • Creating quality content which enhances search engine rankings

    This is SO important - your website alone is not going to suddenly bring traffic to you and increase your sales.

    Imagine that your website is a retail outlet or a salesperson or a branch of your business.

    You spend a lot of time and money in making these function in terms of look and feel, sales training, advertising and marketing.

    You need to do the same for your internet content. Be aware that it is an ongoing exercise to promote and sell products online.

  • Present your WebShop as a credible online business

    Credibility and Association is key as they give peace-of-mind to the customer.

    Clearly define your payment methods and refund policies. Ensure that customers understand what they pay in addition to the product in terms of delivery charges and insurance fees.

  • Design for mobile devices

    Upward of 60% of people are accessing the internet using mobile devices.

    It is essential that you can sell products online and your site needs to be structured to allow this with a responsive mobile site, premium content, clear navigation and simple screen flow.

    Make sure to choose up-to-date technology to build your site which offers a full responsive solution.

  • Integrate your WebShop into your existing business

    A little more tricky, but ensure that you integrate the ecommerce sales into your existing workflow; and that it is not a separate set of processes and procedures which need to be followed in order to get your product sold online to a customer.