The Step by Step Process to Sell Online

Step 1: Concept & Background

123 webshopThe first step in the process is for you to let us know more about your business and products. In order for us to get an idea of what ‘look’ you want, we suggest you have a look at other websites and send us examples of sites that you like. ( Colours, elements, layout, widgets, etc ).

This gives us an overview of where you want to take your shop and maps the path forward and will form the basis of your webshop design.

Step 2: Look & Feel

123 webshopYou will need to send us any extra text, logo and images etc as well as an idea what custom pages you want ( this relates to all the non shopping pages like Contact Us page, About Us page, etc ). Now we can design the “Look & Feel” of your shop using the latest design attributes and incorporate Search Engine Optimisation as a cornerstone ( so that your eventual site can be found easily ). we'll send you a link to your webshop and you give us feedback on likes and dislikes – we edit accordingly until the “Look & Feel” is approved.

Step 3: Content Roll Out

123 webshopOnce the Look & Feel is approved, we roll out the entire structure of the webshop; the entire site from A to Z, all the generic content pages, the product categories ( that you send through ) and complete the web design framework and structure.

CRUCIAL here is to make sure that the existing exposure in search engines is maintained with the correct application of .htaccess file renaming so as to maintain exposure.

Step 4: Adding Products

123 webshopThis is the fun part because you get to add all of your products. The structure of your new WebShop is editable which very easily allows you to manage and maintain the products on your online shopping cart.

We provide tuition as part of our package and we encourage clients to take on this responsibility as it starts your relationship with your WebShop. We create all the product categories and you add your products.

Step 5: Sell Sell Sell

123 webshopWe load the new website on the live server and voila, you’re out there and live. We match the monthly package to what exposure you want for your site - best of all - it's very affordable.

Depending on which monthly package you choose ( “Host & Promote” or the PLUS package ) we start Search Engine Optimisation as well as the Active Cross Links program to give your site more visibility – this is on-going and well worth it.

Step 6: Contact Us

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